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The Higher Ground Festival's driving mission is to unite artists of the Northern Manhattan communities.


This festival is a networking opportunity for artists.


Accepted festival applicants will participate in Artist Meet & Greets held in neighborhood venues.


Meet & Greets are an opportunity for artists of all disciplines to network and ignite conversations for collaborative projects.


HG Festival Directors & Board will aid participants by making introductions based on stated needs in application proposals.





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Artist collaborations will be the celebrated product of the Festival’s efforts to connect local artists.


For each HG Premiere two or more artists from varying disciplines work together to create a stage-based presentation, up to 20 minutes in length. 


After the Meet & Greets, artists wishing to work together will submit a formal project proposal to be reviewed by the HG Festival Board. Six collaborations will be chosen for the HG Premieres performance. 


The HG Festival aids the chosen projects through artistic advisory, $500 project stipend, donated workspace and non profit support.  


The HG Premieres will be presented August 2022.



HG Festival will become a neighborhood based network of artists, and work as a bridging agent between the local artists. 


Extending beyond the main event, the HG Festival will act as agents throughout the year to nurture established relationships of artists while being the bridge between new artists. It will also find new performance opportunities for the HG Premieres collaborations.


The HG Festival once further established will become an entity of its own, separate from the Uptown Arts Stroll. The festival will keep the same format and focus on collaborations. 


Youth Outreach is an important goal to the HG Festival. With funding, the festival will expand with a childrenʼs program to focus on opening young minds to arts collaborations through classes, workshops and potentially a complimenting childrenʼs festival to the main one.


The HG festival holds potential to build into a multi-disciplinary art repertory company based in the Washington Heights/Inwood area promoting the local art identity. 


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