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Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow in OUR Community - Dance Collaboration

A "Procession" offering a welcoming invitation to the community and celebrating what the community shares together. 

Artists: Choreographers Uniqua Simmons and Liza Barskaya, Local dancers



Suite Shel - Dance & Music Composition

A series of theatrical dances about the adventures of growing up.  Through dance the audience observes the characters slowly mature developing stronger personalities and relationships. The concept was originally inspired by the poems of Shel Silverstein, but has evolved into a story of its own. 

Artists: Choreographer Emily Vartanian, Composer Lizzie Hagstedt, HG Dancer Jaisson Restrepo, General Mischief Dance Company



Sosua - Dance, Film, Magic

Inspired by the Washington Heights based documentary "Sosua: Make a Better World" by Renee Silverman and Peter Miller.  Through a community musical project with Dominican and Jewish teens, the film highlights the period of history when the Dominican dictator, Rafael Trujillo, welcomed to his country hundreds of Jewish refugees escaping the horrors of the Holocaust.  In Sousa, people of all races and walks of life come together to learn about an uncommon past and in the process, discover countless expressions of what unites them in the present. 

Artists: Filmmaker Renee Silverman, Choreographer Gentry Isaiah George, Magician: Harry Mandel



Accelerate - Dance & Music Composition

Set to an electronic, instrumental work contrasting driving urgency with an anticipatory tranquility, this piece experiments with new directions of challenging speed to the extreme. 

Artists: Composer Ben Houghton, Choreographer Daniel Gwirtzman, Daniel Gwirtzman Company



The Prophet - Visual Art, Music Composition, Dance

Based on the book by Kahlil Gibron, this piece explores the topics of Love, Teaching, Reason and Passion. 

Artists: Visual Artist Mike Rosenfeld, Composer Jim Territo, Choreographer Liza Barskaya, Dancers



Under Construction - Theater, Dance, Music Composition, Singing, Visual Art

Re-working this well known Charles Mee's play "Under Contruction" for our communities, through various art disciplines this piece explores the theme "Uptown is constantly under construction."

Artists: Director Meghan Ginley, Music Design Mary Baynard, Music Contributor Jim Territo, Set Design Edwin Urena,  Choreograhy Liza Baraskaya,  Choreography Emily Vartanian,  Singer Elissa Alvarez,  Musician Gio Andollo,  Dancer Stephanie Roig,  Actors Alen Kolenovic  Roy Scandela 




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