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Walk In The Woods - Fashion, Music, Dance Collaboration

An interdisciplinary fashion show about Inwood, and about Fashion Designer Rachel Blackmon's personal journey the past eight years living in the neighborhood.  Each fashion look will be inspired by a different iconic landmark and tell another part of her story.


Lead Artists: Fashion Rachel Blackmon, Choreographer Uniqua Simmons, Music by Carlos Bayley, Beatbox Kid Lucky


Knotted - Dance & Spoken Word

Intertwining spoken word poetry with interpretive dance.  A new poem by Ms. Susser will incoporate the theme of having limited or unknown time, and will involve repetition, half rhymes and internal rhymes that will be reflected in the movement of the dancers.  Ultimate goal is for the words, empty space and dancers' bodies to meld in a multi-sensory interpration of the topic, highlighting the relationship between the language itesled and the reactional and instinctual movements

Lead Artists: Choreographer Emily Vartanian, Poet Sandra Susser, General Mischief Dance Company


Subway::Flo - Acting & Beatboxing

Flo is an Irish cleaning woman who rides the subway in her uniform talking to passengers and making observations about life in NYC, and in general.  Be a fly on the wall to a Flo subway ride when a Beatboxer steps onto her subway car...

Lead Artists: Writer/Actor Julie Polk, Beatboxer Kid Lucky


An Eastern West - Dance, Music and Vocals

Dance and music collaboration inspired by traditional Armenian forms, celebrating folk music and dance and anyone in the community who wishes their home country's art alive while away from home.  Three movements to the work each sharing a different song. Choreography will explore traditional folk dancing, as well as the fusion of folk with contemporary movement.

Lead Artists: Instrmentalist/Vocalist Lucy Yeghiazararyan, Choreographer Emily Vartanian


Supporting Artists: General Mischief Dance Theatre, Instrumentalist/Vocalist Kate Victor, Instrutmentalist/Vocalist Tatev Yeghiazaryan 

​                                                                                      ________________________

What Grows On Trees - Dance, Music Composition, Vocals, Shadow Play


Inspired by the Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein,  a multi-disciplined art performance using music, dance, shadow play and costume design to explore theories of unconditional love over time, exploitation of nature and self sacrifice. The dance will be performed to orginal music performed live, with three vocalists not only singing but engaging in the choreography. 


Lead Artists: Choreographer Julia Bengtsson, Composer Charlotte Mundy, 


Supporting Artists: Vocalist/Dancer Maria Langberg, Vocalist/Dancer/Visual Artist Lucy Yeghiazaryan, Dancer Melissa Weber, Dancer Abby Marchesseaulty, Dancer Christo Probst, Dancer Lauren Treat, Dancer Hannah Levinson, Dancer Pablo Francisco Ruvalcaba


The Real History of Washington Heights - The Musical 


A satirical comedy on the (fake) history of Washington Heights. 


Lead Artist: Writer/Actor Victor Verhaeghe

Supporting Artists: Actor/Dancer Deirdre Cipolla 


Inferno - Dance & Jazz Composition

The work honors the memory of Bruce Reynolds (1960-2001), a Port Authority Police Officer, who, on the morning of September 11th, 2001, rushed from his post at the George Washington Bridge into the inferno of the World Trade Center, sacrificing his life to save others. 

Artists: Choreographer Gentry George & Zest Collective, Composer Aaron Scott

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